Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

By: Taylen Litthong

Whoopi Goldberg

she witnessed two planes collided together and developed PTSD and had a fear of traveling in the air which is part of being famous and she would rather travel by land if she could and when she i required to travel by air she has panic attacks.
What Is PTSD and How Is It Treated? | Mood Disorders


PTSD affects the brain and it causes them to think their loved ones are in danger and it is caused by a major event that has changed their life like terrorist attacks, combat, seriously injured, or death of a loved one.


It affects the person after the major event because it scares them to just think about it and it affects them for the rest of their life


They have witnessed a horrifying event it it is stuck in their brain and it is hard for them to forget the event and i scares them to think of everything that happened


It can not be treated but it can be calmed down with therapy and it can get better but never treated


Do not ever mention the event and it can trigger a reaction to the event and they can become very angry and react to it