What we rubber tappers want.

By: Reonna Huettner

All about us, the rubber tappers.

The rubber tappers came to the rain forest in the 1870's about 145 years ago! That's a long,long,Long time ago. Rubber tappers the second group of people to come to the rain forest. ( First was the Natives). Anyway rubber tappers have jobs, but not like all the other people who can to the forest. Rubber tappers are only at the forest for one thing and that's to get the sap from the trees and turn it into something wonderful. Unlike the loggers we rubber tappers don't hurt a single thing that's in the forests. Rubber tappers have been in the rain forest for a long time and will never leave.

Question: How are We Really Different?

Answer: We care

We rubber tappers are really caring to things and people around us in the rain forest. Unlike the loggers who cut down lots of trees to make house furniture or like the settlers who only use the land for there farming and does nothing to make the forest be a better place. Not only that we are the only people can do their job and not hurt the forest when doing it. That's how we are different.