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April 7, 2016

Girls Night

As promised, the guys had their fun BUT now it's the girls' turn! Girls Night at The Curran's will be Friday, April 15 at 7pm-9am on Saturday. Bring movies, games, and anything else you want to do. We can bake and try a Pinterest project...haha (ideas welcomed!)

Curran's House

3421 Hasland Dr.

Flower Mound, TX 75022

Rosa's Fundraiser

Come eat with Children's Ministry to help support Bridgeport! We will be eating at Rosa's following the 11:00 service on Sunday April 17. Buy Gift Cards at the Welcome Center for this event!
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Community Service Day

Join the VRUMC on Sunday, April 24, during Community Service Day. As part of Vista Ridge's 24th anniversary, we will use our hearts and hands to build relationships and help others in our community. Following a short worship service at 9am, teams will gather to help those in the community.

The Youth have been asked to facilitate games at the Budget Suites for kids! 5 points will be given!

PLEASE sign up (in the Narthex) as you will need to wear Church shirt and select your lunch option.

Color Run Fun

On April 24, you will need a WHITE T-Shirt, shorts that can get dirty, and goggles.

We will be doing a powdered color fight (and taking some new YOUTH photos). We will also be doing an art project (throwing paint ball balloons onto a canvas).

Please show up to be in our new photos and to have fun outside!

VBS Sign-up

Don't Forget to Sign-up to help with VBS!!!!!
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316 Points Updated 4/7

Just a reminder: The person with the MOST points by July 1st will win a special prize! This means you should continue earning points even after you reach 100!


Allison- 53/100

Blake- 72/100
Bradley- 20/60
Brayden- 65/100

Emily- 57/100
Ethan- 72/100
Holly- 80/100
Ian- 67/100
Jessica- 74/100
Jordan- 65/100
Jordyn- 51/100
Joseph- 65/100
Kaylee- 65/100
Logan- 20/100
Lucas- 55/100
Macy- 71/100
Madi- 60/100

Ryan 15/55
Savannah 48/100
Sean- 65/100

Ways to Get MORE Points

April 24- Community Service Day

June 13-17- VBS Week - 5 points per day

Sunday School-10 AM (1 point)

Sunday Youth- 4-6pm (1 point)

CCA Food Pantry- Ongoing (2 points)

Outside VRUMC Service- Up to 10 points (ask Daira)

Upcoming Dates in April

Please Note: April and May-Wednesday Nights will be the 1st and 3rd of each Month

Sunday, April 10- Youth Council (3pm)

Sunday, April 10- YC (4-6pm)

Saturday, April 15-16- Girls Night (7pm-9am)

Sunday, April 17- YC (4-6pm)

Wednesday, April 20- YC (6-8pm)

Sunday, April 24- YC (4-6pm)


Facebook: @VRUMConnect

Twitter: @ConnectVRUMC

Text:@YouthConnect to 23559

Password: vrumcyc

or join online with this link