AL Qaeda on the Arabian Sea

Terrorism Group Project

By: Mackenzie, Shay, Alina, and Sheiya

World Map

The world map shows that Yemen is where our terrorist organization started.
The world map shows that Saudi Arabia is where the attacks are occurring with this organization.

Background Information

Who were the founders?

A major founder, Khaled Ali Hajj is dead from being ambushed and killed by Saudi Arabian troops in 2004.

Where did it start?

This organization started in Yemen.

Why did it start?

This started because of a merger between Yemeni and Saudi al Qaeda branches.

Is it a terrorist franchise?

Yes, because through the information that we read, we found that the AQAP is one of the most recent terrorist franchise.

Who they are Attacking

Was the target population coerced through intimidation?

Yes. They were coerced through intimidation.

What terroristic tactics do they use?

They used weapons and bombs.


What are some significant historical terrorist attacks?

When major founder, Khaled al Hajj was killed.
An explosive was almost detonated on an American airplane.
Had 2 suicide car bombs on religious processions- al-Jawf and Maarib.

Current Influence

What's the influence on current world geopolitics?

Their influence is to target and hit the U.S. homeland and some areas closer to them, like the middle east.


What states is it sponsored by?

A Nigerian named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, helped detonate an explosive device on an American airplane. this was only an attempt and it failed in the end.

What world regions is it sponsored by?

It is sponsored by Africa and the Middle East.

How are they sponsored?

Those who are sponsoring them are helping them by trying to "fight" for them. By fight we mean that they do bad things, such as bombing.

The Message

What is their message or motive to the rest of the world?

Their message to the rest of the world is that they want to stop Muslim countries from getting a Western influence. The Western influence is the U.S.

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