My Book Poems

By: Jasmine Lopez Martinez

Cinquain Poem


Colorful, fragrant

Swaying, growing, blooming

Makes me feel happy


Acrostic Poem

Playing video games

Laugh a lot

Always having fun

Yelling a lot

Personification Poem

I am a tree,

Growing very quickly.

my leaves change color,

They fall to the ground.

I make people greete

When the leaves fall.

I am a tree.

Limrick Poem

The cat sat on his hat,

he played with his bat.

Then the cat played with the yarn,

went to the barn

and he sat.

Haiku Poem

A cool butterfly:

it gets nector from flowers

and it flies away.

Blazon Poem

My teeth are white like the wind.

My hair is brown like trees.

My energy runs like a jaguar.

My attitude is like a flower.

My courage is strong like the forest.

My poem is like bird seeds scatter in the floor.

I'm the tall flowers in autumn.

I am nature