Toddler Class- Marvelous Monkeys

Ms. Beth & Ms. Amy

May Newsletter

Bible Verse: "I am wonderfully made." Matthew 139:14 NIV

Themes: Mother's Day, Flowers, Bees, Frogs & Ponds

Nursery Rhyme: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Math: #0-5

Color: Review

Shape: Review- circle, square, triangle

We have been having fun learning

  • Sitting together at the table for crafts, snack and lunch
  • Walking nicely in the hall
  • Playing on the playground
  • Singing new songs
  • Enjoying circle time
  • Creating beautiful crafts and art
  • Shaking our sillies out during bubble time

May Calendar

Check your folder this week for our May calendar. It is packed with fun activities you don't want to miss!

May 5 at 12:30pm Mother's Day Tea

May 12 RSVP for week of Memorial Day attendance

May 19 Wear your favorite COLOR day!!

May 24 11:30am Spring Program & Pack a Picnic in the Café

May 26 End of Year Cookie Party (students only)

May 30 Memorial Day- No School

Coming up!

As our school year comes to an end, we will be reviewing colors, numbers and shapes. We are learning new songs for our Spring Program and are having a lot of fun! Our bible story is "God made me special". We will be learning about Mother's Day, flowers, bees, and frogs and ponds. We have had such a wonderful year and wish everyone a spectacular Summer!!