Motivating Gifted Learners

3 Big Ideas, 2 Lingering Questions, 1 Action to Take!

Big Idea #1

Motivation of the gifted learner depends on:

1. Meaningful Tasks

2. Skills to do the Task

3. Support from Educators/School/Parents

Big Idea #2

Parents and Educators can help the Gifted Learner find school more meaningful by:

1. Modeling their own curiosity and taking action to explore it

2. Modeling the value of school and its importance for the learner's future

3. Working together to provide opportunities to explore the learner's personal interests at school.

Big Idea #3

Learners deem a task meaningful if it:

1. Gratifies a personal interest

2. Is tied to their identity

3. Has an immediate use

4. Will be useful in the future

2 Questions

1. I wonder if many gifted learners are overlooked as being gifted because of their non-interest in school?

2. I wonder if gifted learners feel supported in my classroom?

1 Action to Take NOW!!

I plan to nurture my gifted learners' curiosities, and model for them how to take action to explore that curiosity!