Price's Press

April 24, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

Our reporters this week are Avary, Elaina, Seamus, Van, Breanna, Ellie, and Michael . Our "Tweeter" for this week has been Nikko . Please follow us on Twitter @Superb4thGrade.

News You Can Use!

Next week the students will be taking the last part of the PARCC test. We wil be testing on April 29 and 30. On Wednesday, the students will take the reading test from 8:45-10:30 and a math test from 1:15-3:00. Then on Thursday, they will take another math test from 8:45-10:30.

Mid-terms were sent home today. PLease sign and return them by Monday.

Remember each student who turns in $10 in Fun Run pledges by Monday will get a t-shirt to wear on May 13.

Help Wanted

Help wanted for: America’s Battle of the Books!

All fourth grade classes at Conley are participating in our Battle of the Books competition on Friday, May 22. This game show format will demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge on the books they have read. We are in need of a few parent volunteers to act as “team guides” in order to help teams follow their battle schedule that day. Due to the way the teams were created we can’t guarantee that you will be with your child’s team. Lunch will be provided after you are done with the students. If you are interested in helping from 8:20am-12:00pm, e-mail me and let me know by May 1. In your e-mail include if you are planning on attending the luncheon. Thanks in advance for your support with this worthwhile reading incentive program.

B.O.B. Hall of Fame

We have a hall of fame for Battle of the Books. Students who read 10, 20, or 30 books have made it to the "Red Carpet." These students have been working to read as many books as they can to be successful the day of the battle.

Social Studies by Seamus

Hi, I'm Seamus and I'm the newsletter reporter for social studies. On Monday and Tuesday, we talked about who makes the rules and who obeys them in your home, school, and in your community. On Wednesday, we watched a BrainPOP about laws and government. And on Thursday, we talked about citizen rights and responsibilities in your community. And finally on Friday, we discussed why it is important to have laws. This is the week on social studies. :-)

Literacy by Michael

Hi I'm Michael and this week I was the literacy reporter. On Monday we talked about our weekly story. Mrs. Price also met with reading groups. We talked about the Latin root terra, and it means earth or land. We also wrote a response about a book.
On Tuesday Mrs. Price met with reading groups. Some people worked on kidblog because, we typed about why you should go to sleep early.
On Wendsday we did read to self.
On Thursday, Mrs. Price met with different groups.
On Friday, we talked about the games for Battle of the Books.

Skill Building by Avary

Our class didn't have skill building on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday Mrs. Price's skill building class worked on fabrication. For example, we had to make up a word to describe the sound of water going down the drain. I made up the word aquawiable ( a-k-wa-i-ble). Some of the fabrication words we made up are onomatopoeias.

The second day of skill building in Mrs. Price's class was Thursday we read a poem. It's called The New Colossus. I put a picture on the side so you can read it.

The third and final day for the week was Friday. We continued reading The New Colossus. We talked about it and answered questions about it to.

As you can see, Mrs. Price's skill building class had an awesome skill building week!

Math by Ellie

We used mirrors to draw its reflection, and it was fun and easy. Today we played mini darts and mini pool with mirrors. Also, we drew on a grid and kept adding dots. They also did symmetry. We did frieze patterns in math. They can be symmetry.

Art by Breanna

Here is what we did in art this week.
On the first day of art we were working on our molas. Some people moved on to using plastic crayons. First they drew their focal point and put a design around it. Today we finished outlining sharpie and moved on to plastic crayons.
On the last day of art we worked on our molas also. Most of us were done with sharpie so we did plastic crayons. I hope you enjoyed what we did in art class!

Music by Van

In music we watched the movie Charlie brown. We got to pick witch one. We picked NASA .It was about them going to space in a space station. They were on TV .They introduced them self and there job.There was drama and problems as in Huston we have a problem. I think that one is the best.

P.E. by Elaina

In P.E. class this week our class did a lot of fitness testing. There were two types of fitness testing that we did. One was curl- ups and one was pushups. Personally the one I liked best was curl-ups but you never know. Something else that everybody did if they weren't doing fitness testing was climbing on the rock wall. I really liked it because you could challenge yourself like you could try to put your hands and feet on all reds or greens. It was very fun climbing on there! That is what everybody did in gym class this week. :-)