Who really discovered America?

Answer: Absolutely nobody

Why Christopher Columbus doesn't deserve credit for discovering "The New World"

Why the Taínos shouldn't get credit for discovering america.

The Taínos have been living there since there was still a land bridge connecting to Asia up near where Alaska is and nobody documented it in Europe which is why Christopher Columbus didn't know it was there. Which proves that they they technically didn't find it, the world knew it was there. Plus, the Taínos probably weren't the first culture to be living in North America.

Why Leif Ericsson doesn't deserve credit for discovering America.

Plus, North america used to be connected to Asia by a land bridge. So technically, way back when that land bridge was still there, Asia knew that North America was there. Lots of people from different cultures moved to north america when it started to get colder in Asia and since the land bridge was connected to Asia it would make sense that Christopher columbus didn't know it was already there and there wasn't any documentation in Europe of the landbridge connecting to North america. This led Columbus to believe he had "discovered" America. So, this proves that we couldn't know who really first discovered that the landbridge was there.