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Week of December 15th

Grobe's Corner

We continued our focus on expository writing and specially looked at the importance of a hook and the thesis! They are doing a fabulous job as they switch their thinking from a personal narrative to an expository!

This week, we also continued with our historical fiction novel study! The kids are loving the book, Number the Stars, as we talk about several reading skills: plot, summarizing, predicting, making inferences, theme, and deeper thinking on the events!

Next week we will be busy with both our reading and writing district assessments on the calendar for Monday and Tuesday!


Destine' Grobe

Morris' Corner

This week in Math we spent a lot of time practicing our multiplication and division. We started our district assessment review on Friday, and we will continue on Monday. We will go over the review as a class before we take the test on Wednesday. The kids are doing amazing with the processes of multiplication and division, but I see some struggling because they don't know their facts. Please make sure that they are studying everyday.

In Science, we have been talking about mass, matter and density. We did a few experiments this week to help understand how to measure the volume of objects, and to determine if hot or cold water is more dense. Next week we will continue discussing this unit next week with more experiments.

I had 6 students turn in practice problems from the newsletter. I hope that I will have more turned in next week.

Sunday: 72 X 18 =

Monday: 934 / 6 =

Tuesday: 63 X 25 =

Wednesday: 648 / 5

Thursday: 469 / 7

Have a great weekend!

Brooke Morris

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