Women's rights

We bring you a women's right bulletin...

womens get the vote and stand up

women's rights women were not allowed to vote they were not treated equally as men why well let me tell you women were not treated equally because the government and other men thought they had more power then women such as (stronger, smarter etc...) which women thought was not right. Then women wanted an end to this so they held posters to persuade the government and men we are equal! In old days women were not considered "persons" which is wrong. There actually were many man supporters some where in the liberal party and conservative party and many more.

people apart of the womens rights movement

Did you know Emily Stowe worked illegally as a doctor in Ontario to support her family then she joined a womens suffrage group to help support womens rights. Nellie McClung was one of the 5 womens who campaigned to make people recognize women are "persons". Robert Borden made British womens who were wives and mother and sister of soldiers serving first world war to vote on behalf male relatives. Women (mainly nurses) severing military could also vote. Robert Borden was a politician and a lawyer. The government was also a part of the womens rights moment.

Rights women had before

some rights women had before were

If women owned properties they were allowed to vote for school trustees,women are allowed to play in the Olympic games,

in P.E.I if women were married they were considered as “persons”,womens in Manitoba had the same right as men to make legal arguments and buy property,

women in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta had the right to vote in provincial elections andin 1891 women were told they can not be forced to live with a man if they did not want to.