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Issue #8 05/31/13

Thanks For The Memories

The end of the year is upon us and we are betting that many of you are wondering how you can share all the great pictures and video you have been taking all year long. This issue of Tech In Ten is dedicated to helping you thank your students and their families for all the memories you've created this school year. We have also identified some great video resources you may want to use to augment your lesson plans; they are noted at the bottom of this issue.

There are many ways to share out your pictures and videos. We have provided instructions for some of the more common and user friendly ways to do this below. Basically, the process involves the following steps.

  • Remove pictures and video from your device either by connecting the device to your computer or uploading directly from your device to an online service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or wirelessly to your computer using something like Instashare.
  • Choose which application you want to use to create your slideshow.
  • Share your slideshow by either sending a link to view online or embed it on your website.

YouTube Slideshows

We believe that the YouTube slideshow feature is one of the quickest and easiest ways for anyone to create and share a photo slideshow.

See an example here of a slideshow we created for the 2013 PEEC trip at EP. It honestly did not take more than 10 minutes. If you want to try to do this with your own photos then click here for a simple how to document.

Please know that with your Google Apps account you also have a YouTube Account ... it is same username and password as your Google Account. And remember if you are in the district you have to unblock YouTube to access your account !

Use Narrable For A "Talking" Slideshow

We've mentioned Narrable in a previous issue but we are mentioning it again because not only is it easy, but you can add your voice to the pictures either by recording directly into the application or uploading your own mp3 file. Think about using this to upload your classroom photos and have your students record their comments for all viewers to hear. Click here to see an example we did with some of our personal pictures. We also embedded it into a teacher page. When in edit mode of your teacher site, click on the HTML tab and paste in the embed code from Narrable. This works for most applications that provide embed codes to you, no programming skills are necessary!

Dropbox Slideshows

Dropbox is a free online storage site that most people recognize as a safe place to store files and documents. What you might not know is that you can also create slide shows with Dropbox and share them with just a few clicks. Here are the steps:

  • Open the photos folder of your dropbox account.
  • Create one or more folders within the photos folder.
  • Each subfolder will then become its own photo gallery.
  • Upload your pictures to a subfolder of your photos folder.
  • Click on the link next to the folder name and provide email recipient info.

Your recipients will get an email that looks like this. Once they open the link, they will see this. Click here to see our slideshow we made with Dropbox.

iPhoto Slideshows

If you have access to a MacBook with iPhoto installed, then you might be interested in using this slideshow feature. Click here for the directions. Using the same pictures, we created a slideshow in iPhoto and saved it to our Dropbox account. Take a look at it here.

Teacher Sites Slideshows

Each teacher should have their own teacher site provided by the district. That website program has a slideshow application that you might not be familiar with. Here is how you create a slideshow using teacher sites:

  • Click on the applications tab in your admin area
  • Click on slideshows
  • Click on categories and give them a name
  • Click on add slide show, give it a title and select category
  • Click on continue and upload your images, save when done

Here is an example of what the pictures look like when using the teacher site slideshow feature.

Looking For Documentaries???

Viewing a documentary is a great way to augment your lesson plan. Here are some great sites to search for documentaries you can view in the classroom.

  • Folk Streams: A national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures.
  • PBS Video: Check out the American Experience, Nova, and Nature videos. Many of these can also be embedded into your website.
  • Explore: Funded in part by the Annenburg Foundation, Explore is a multimedia foundation that provides a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others.
  • Documentary Tube: This is a catalog site of videos from many sources. You can create playlists of your favorites.
  • DocumentaryZ: This is also a catalog site of video resources that can be watched for free.

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