Kodu vs Scratch

Assessment by: sebila


Kodu is a visual program which you play/design your own visual world that you could eventually play it is programmed for users not to type out their commands but allowing you to pick what you want your Game/program to look like and to work the way you want it to. You personalize your game with already made characters and your own personalized world with physical options to control the game/characters.

Advantages and Disadvantages: KODU


> It avoids the user from typing out their own commands.

> It is a 3D display.

> You could design your own terrain

> Everything is layed out in a simple format for users to quickly understand the idea of the Program.

> You can edit already made worlds to fit your preference.


> Users cannot make their own characters in a physical program

> Users have small amounts of options to choose from in the game/program.

Some things you need to know!

Simple Kodu game tutorial (using keyboard)



Scratch is also a visual program which you can design characters and games. Scratch is a free learning (technology) app that could teach you easily how to program and design you own program/game. it is a simple program that allows you to design/make your own physical game. It uses simple language for young users.

Advantages and Disadvantages SCRATCH


> Scratch is currently online so you don't have to download it.

> Scratch is really simple to use.

> its a visual program that allows you to design your own Sprite/Character.

> you don't have to type out the commands they are already created for you to use.


> its not a 3D display.

> Users can't design the world/background in the Physical program.

> its not VERY easy to make a program but it is (sort of easy).

Lesson 1 - Scratch Basics


I prefer kodu because its easier and there are more advantages and it has multiple options and last but not least it is a 3D display.