Tech Tuesday


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Edmodo for Parents

Resources to share with parents
  • MMS>Parents>Edmodo for Parents
  • MMS>Parents>Video tutorials

Resources for you

  • Shared folder in MMS Staff Technology Edmodo group
  • For easy reference during today's training, click on link below

Google Drive


  • Google Folders
  • Google Forms
  • Back up to Google
  • Google Log-in Help

Where to find it:

Digital Integration Goals

  • List of goals for the year
  • Examples of completed goals
  • Turn in Forms listed by AP

Where to to find it:

iOS 9 Education uses

Top Three Picks for Middle Schools

Number 3 – New Viewing Options!

  • Slide Over
  • Picture in Picture
  • Split View – ONLY WORKS ON iPad Air 2

Number 2 – Super Duper Improved Notes App!

  • Doodle/Draw
  • Insert Pics, Videos, web links, audio, location and more

Number 1 - Battery Improvements!

  • Better Battery Life
  • Battery Info

Tech Tuesday Survey

MMS Technology Reminders

Otterbox Lids

All students will have an undamaged Otterbox Shield Stand (Lid) to begin the year. If a Shield Stand is damaged, stolen or lost during the year, a new Shield Stand will not be made available by the district. This in no way affects the responsibility of the student to take care of the device. With or without a Shield Stand, the student is responsible for damage within reason. If a student would like to purchase a Shield Stand for added protection due to loss or breakage, the District approves theBlack Otterbox Defender Shield Stand for iPad Air. The Shield Stand can be purchased at the supplied link, directly from Otterbox.

Blocked Apps

  • 1. Just because a student can download an app, doesn't mean it works.
  • 2. If you notice a student using a texting app or the YouTube app, please email me.

Midway Usernames for Students

  • Midway usernames are a max of 20 characters
  • If a student has 2 last names, they are both included up to 20 characters
  • If a student does not have a middle name, it's okay to skip that step
  • When all else fails, look up their student folder in the "msstudents" drive (see picture below) to see what their Midway username is
  • Student Email, Google, iTunes account and Edmodo accounts all use the Midway username "core" as part of their configuration
  • Student passwords are all the same for every Midway sponsored account
  • Exception: iTunes does not allow for 3 digits in a row, therefore some students have an alternate iTunes password
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Student Login Help Sheet

This link is on the Middle School website under the Student tab.

Paid Apps and App Catalog

  • Students and staff can get Paid apps can be found using the App Catalog
  • Go to the apps through the Purchased section of the App Catalog
  • Paid apps we use a lot on this campus are: Notability, Explain Everything, iMovie, Pages, and Keynote
  • Please remember to give your students PLENTY of time to get these apps. Not only are they large apps, but the App catalog may require a visit to the iHelp Desk
  • Students should use the regular App Store for free apps
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iPad Troubleshooting Tips

  • Closing an app solves a lot of problems when they start acting weird
  • Hard Restart on the iPad (hold down power button and home button for about 15 seconds until screen goes black)
  • Deleting the app and re-installing
  • Check the wifi source. Everyone should be on MISD-SECURE. Forgetting an old network can help a little bit, but with so many wifi spots you will always have to check for this
  • Settings for the time on the iPad: General>Date & Time>Set Automatically
  • Settings for Safari may need to be cleared. Settings>Safari>Clear History>Clear Cookies and Data

Continue to send students to MMS Tech office for help