Essential Question 4

EQ 4: Why are India and Pakistan in an ongoing conflict?

Why are they Fighting Constantly?

1. India and Pakistan were both one big country

-----a. 1947, in an event known as the Partition, all the Muslims in India left and formed Pakistan

-----b. Though intended as just a split, the groups ended up fighting each other as they went over to their country

2. Fighting over Kashmir and Jammu

-----a. In 1948, armed men from Pakistan’s border invaded Kashmir and started a rebellion

-----b. Maharaja, the leader in Kashmir and Jammu, requested support from the Indians

-----c. When he agreed to have Kashmir and Jammu join India, the Indians decided to help sending over soldiers and other forms of support

-----d. Later in May, the Pakistani army defending its borders came into conflict with the Indian army

----------i. This became a war

-----e. The war ended 1949 with a UN ceasefire

3. Border patrol conflicts

-----a. In 1965, Pakistani and Indian Border patrols met

-----b. A fight broke out between the patrols

-----c. This fighting eventually became a conflict in the area of Rann and Kutch

----------i. The Indians eventually withdrew

-----d. Later in August, tensions grew and eventually became a second war between the Indians and Pakistanis

----------i. Pakistan send a covert offensive over the border breaking the rules of the ceasefire

----------ii. India retaliated by sending their own troops over the border

-----e. After three weeks, the fighting stopped due to another UN ceasefire

----------i. This time, both side signed a declaration that stated that they would try to find a peaceful means of solving disputes

4. India decided to help the East Pakistanis in civil war

-----a. Pakistan had a civil war between East and West Pakistan

----------i. East Pakistan wanted independence

-----b. Then India invaded East Pakistan

-----c. The war ended when the Pakistani army surrendered

----------i. East Pakistan became Bangladesh



This is a timeline that shows some of the events in the Indian and Pakistani Conflict.

Link to Timeline

Should the US be more Involved in this Fight?

The US should not be any more involved in the conflict between India and Pakistan. There are many reasons to not get involved. First off, the US is involved in most other foreign affairs. The US has been in so many fights, that getting into another one would be unnecessary, especially if the US wasn't invited. The US also spends a great deal of money on wars and foreign affairs. That money should be used for helping America and Americans. Not budding in on a fight that isn't even theirs to fight. Plus, the US has already been involved. They had already overseen peace talks between India and Pakistan (BBC). Should the US really waste more time, money, lives, and other valuable resources fighting some else's fight? Also, America would benefit greatly from being allies with India and Pakistan. If they chose a side in this conflict, they would only get be allies with either India or Pakistan (USIP). It would be a bit more advantageous for the US to not take sides. All this points to suggest that the US should not become more involved in the India Pakistan conflict.