Fantastic 4th Grade Weekly Updates

Week of January 27, 2020

Awards day is Thursday, January 30. If you received an invitation for your child receiving an award, please meet us in the cafeteria at 9:15.

Week at a Glance


S4E1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to compare and contrast the physical attributes of stars, and planets.

a. Ask questions to compare and contrast technological advances that have changed the amount and type of information on distant objects in the sky.

d. Evaluate strengths and limitations of models of our solar system in describing relative size, order, appearance, and composition of planets and the sun.

(Clarification statement: Composition of planets is limited to rocky vs. gaseous.)

S4P3. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the relationship between balanced and unbalanced forces.

b. Construct an argument to support the claim that gravitational force affects the motion of an object.


Important Information

We would like to ask that you ensure that your child has his or her supplies restocked and replenished. We also ask that you check with your child's teacher to see if there are any classroom supplies that he/she may need.

Upcoming Events

January 30: 1st Semester Awards Day/Student of the Month

Fourth Grade: 9:15- 10:00 (Cafeteria)

February 13: PTA Boosterthon Fun Run

February 14: No School for Students

South Learning Community Release Day

February 17: No School for Students and Staff

President’s Day Holiday – Schools Closed

February 19 - March 6: Spring Book Fair

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