YumLunch - Better Lunches for Kids!

617 Silver Blossom Lane, Richmond, VA

What Do We Do?

YumLunch started when we noticed that the school lunches we are feeding our children are very unhealthy and do not help a child's growth. Our aim is to allow parents who can't afford to pack their child a healthy lunch an option for their child to have a healthy and tasty meal, without spending money!

What is the Problem?

What Do We Offer?


"My son wasn't getting what he needed for lunch. He came home hungry almost every day, but my wife and I just couldn't afford to pack lunch for him. That was when we heard about YumLunch. Our child enjoys his lunch now, and it is filling and healthy!" - Christopher A.

"I love YumLunch! As a single mother, I barely make a living. I just couldn't afford to pack my daughter's lunch, but the school lunches are unhealthy and not filling. So YumLunch saves precious money and leaves my child happy and healthy!" - Hermione S.

"This service is amazing. The income in my house is just enough to support two growing 1st graders, but we just couldn't pack lunch. So, my kids were not getting the important nutrients that are so vital to their growth. Then, my wife and I discovered this service, and it has really made everyone's life easier and our children healthier. Thanks YumLunch!" - Tom P.

Where Can I Pick Up My Lunches?

To pick up a lunch, you can either visit 617 Silver Blossom Lane, Richmond, VA, or we can deliver it to your home if you are unable to visit.


As a nonprofit organization, we depend on donations. Anything you can give, even a dollar, is much appreciated! To donate, click the button below: