The Life of Al Capone

By Noah Sandbothe

Birth and Early Life of Al Capone

Al was born January 17 1899 in Brooklyn New York. His parents are Teresina Capone and Gabriel Capone. When he was young he saw kids take a old lady's wash board so he formed his own kind of kid gang and beat up the kids and returned the wash board.

Al Capone Education

In sixth grade he slapped his teacher across the face and later was beaten by the principal and was expelled. Al never went to school after he got expelled.
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Tommy Gun

The Gun above is a Tommy Gun Al Capone's Favorite Gun and the guns that his men used.

Saint Valentines Day Massacre

On February 14 1929 Al Capone invited Bugs Moran and his men to have a dinner but before he goth Bugs and his men got there Bugs saw a police car and he fled while some of his men still went. When they they got there the got stuff in there stomach but it wasn't food it was bullets.
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Tax Evasion

Al Capone bought lots of things like a bullet proof car silk underwear. But he payed it all in cash so the cops couldn't trace him but he didn't trace him. But he didn't pay his taxes so he got an 11 year sentence in jail.

State Prison.

In the state prison the guards and warden treated Al Capone like a king. He had a TV in his room, a Bed that was not the original bed, he got silk underwear and plants and a lot of other stuff that no other in mates got so he got moved to another jail.
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Al Capone went to Alcatraz in 1931 and served 11 years in Alcatraz where someone attempted to stab him in the back with scissors. He also was a quiet man and he kept to himself. While He served his time he was fighting through a sickness called syphilis.
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Al Capone had a sickness called syphilis. You get Syphilis from sexual intercourse if the other person has the sickness. Since Al Capone had intercourse with many prostitutes so one of them had to have Syphilis.

Death of Al Capone

Al Capone died January 24 1947 of a heart attack caused by syphilis in Plam island, Florida. He spent his final days with his wife in his mansion in Florida.