By: Ashley Aley

What is Animoto?

Animoto is a video creation service that produces videos from photos, video clips and music into video slideshows. Animoto can be used in education for countless projects and presentations. Students can use the tool to present a concept and a teacher could use the video as an introduction to a lesson.

The cost of Animoto

1. Free 14 day trial using the professional package. (No credit card required)










How to Share you're own Animoto!

How Animoto can be used in the classroom

John Dewey once said "If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” These words help utilize the technology in the classroom. If teachers fail to use the new literacy in the classroom, they aren't preparing the kids for tomorrow and their future.

  • At the start of the school year, students could use Animoto to introduce themselves or their classmates.
  • Students can illustrate their own poetry using digital images they find on Internet or ones they take.
  • Animoto can be used to present research information to the class.
  • Students could illustrate step-by-step instructions for procedure writing.
  • Send students on a scavenger hunt, supplied with digital cameras. Have students assemble their digital images into an Animoto video to display what they found.