Prisoner B-3087 Book Trailer

By: Terrence Dumas


Yankee was put into 10 concentration camps. They were very brutal and also very, very painful. If you walked too slow, you would get shot. If you could not work, you were sent to a death camp and they would kill you in front of a pile of dead people. They did not eat a lot of food during the day.

Main Conflict

Yanké was one of 1.5 million kids at the concentration camps during World War II. Only 500,000 kids survived the concentration camps. They were beaten, shot and cut by the kapos.

Other Conflicts

Many of the kids that died during the concentration camps was because of the huge lack of food. They were also hung to death and some even died during the death walks. It was a horrible nine years for every Jewish person in England.


Yanké was one of the 500.000 kids that survived the concentration camps. Like all of the other kids, he suffered from severe starvation. He also lost a lot of weight while working in the concentration camps.


The kapos were very violent. They would kill people and beat people and shoot people and hang people. They would also cut people's chins. They were also very unkind and very, very selfish.

Minor Charcters

Adolf Hitler killed some of the Jewish people. Another dictator killed way more than Adolf Hitler. Fred was Yanke's friend during World War II. He was also one of the one million kids that died during the war.
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