Greetings Citizen Readers

Cameron Baumann

Is there a way to be a citizen when coming from a different country?

Yes there is it Is called Naturalization. It is a test that you have to take to come into the United Sates from another country that you where born in. But there is some requirements. You have to be 18. you have to have permanent resident to the United States for 5 years.But there is a shortcut you can serve in the U.S Military for over 1 year. The most inportanest one is Take the oath of allegiance.

learn about immigration

Immigration is when a person moves from their country they were born in to a country they weren't born in. When you go to the country that you were not born in it is not like you can just run around when you get there. You have to go threw tests. But if you already are a U.S citizen then you can do anything you want besides do crime or grifite. If you are a immagrent hat past your tests than you can be a U.S cite zen. but you can't run for president can't serve on jury there is tons more.

Cameron Baumann