Team Teeter

Happenings in Room 15

Language Arts - What Forces Can Change Earth?

Our new Reach unit explores different forces that can change Earth. It will include fast changes such as volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes/tsunamis, lightning storms; as well as gradual changes. Our language topics will include adverbs, adjectives, and prepositions. We are continuing to learn more about Information Writing. This is your student's chance to teach the reader/audience about a subject that they are an expert in. This is an introductory step to research writing - they learn about non-fiction, factual writing, but do not have to do research (or quotations and references)!

Social Studies - Immigration

We just finished Chapter 4 in our Social Studies curriculum. This chapter was about why people come to the United States. We played The Immigration Game to understand reasons why people would leave their home country to go to a new country, and costs and benefits to this challenging decision. Our field trip to the Benjamin Harrison Home will help us study immigration a little bit further.

Science - Rocks and Minerals

We are starting a new unit in Science about Rocks and Minerals. We will be conducting observations and experiments as we learn about the different properties and classifications of rocks and minerals. We will wrap up this unit with a field trip to Martin Marietta to learn more about this natural resource in Indiana.

Our Class Read Aloud

We will finish reading The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum just in time for the school play starring TME's own 5th graders. The students have familiarity with this story because of the movie, and they have enjoyed spotting differences between the book and the movie. It will be interesting to spot differences between the play and the book as well!

Our next read-aloud will be The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. This is the brand-new chapter book by the author who recently visited Towne Meadow.

Volunteer Breakfast - Friday, May 13

Invitations were sent home for the upcoming Volunteer Breakfast. If you have not had a chance to send in your RSVP, please send that in soon so we have plenty of food for all of you wonderful volunteers!

Building a Community of Respectful Learners

Ask your child if they have won a "Teeter ticket" recently. What did they do to earn their ticket?

Upcoming Dates

May 6 - Wizard of Oz play
May 11 - Field Trip to Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
May 13 - Volunteer Breakfast
May 16 - Field Day - Volunteers needed!
May 24 - Field Trip to Martin Marietta
May 25 - Last Day of 3rd Grade!

Contacting Mrs. Jane Teeter