Royal Readers Contest- Fall 2018

You can create a Tower of Books


Who: all RDM students

What: read books and be rewarded.

Read 5 books and spin the wheel for a prize

Read 10 books and be invited to a pizza party

Read 11 or more books and win a personalized medal

When: now through December 5th

Where: for each book you read, fill out contest reading log linked here

How do I sign-up?

For each book you read, follow these steps:

1) Log it in the contest reading log linked above.

2) Pickup from the Library a book pattern to cut and fold. Your tower will be displayed at the library. As you log each book read, you get a new pattern to cut and fold and add to your tower. The maximum number of books in a tower is 10.

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We have a number of prizes to award along the way.

Upon reading 5 books and having properly logged each one in the Google Form linked above, you will get to spin the wheel at the library for a prize. Prizes include Shakey's Pizza, In-N-Out hamburgers, Rubios Kid's Meal, and more.

If you read 10 books, you will be invited to a pizza party at the library.

If you read 11 books or more, you will win a medal engraved with your name.

Read 5 books and spin the wheel for a prize.

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Read 10 books and be invited to a pizza party.

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Read 11 books or more and win an engraved medal.

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Below is the reading contest log that must be filled-out for each book read.