Nazi Germany

By: Hannah Goddard


Nazi Germany was the period of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Adolf Hitler was in control under a dictatorship. Hitler transformed Germany into a totalitarian state that controlled all aspects of life. Racism was a central feature of the regime. The Germans were considered the purest of the Aryan race, called the master race. Million of Jews and other races were persecuted in the Holocaust.
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Who? What? When? Where? Why?

The Holocaust took place from 1933-1945 in Germany. 20 years after the WWI and 17 years after German Suffering. Hitler believed that Jews were the problem of Germany. In order to fix Germany, Hitler wanted to murder all the Jews. His plan was to put all the Jews in concentration camps and make them work to death. If they didn't die they were sent to gas chambers. Adolf Hitler killed over 6 million Jews and other denominations simply because he didn't like them.
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Media Portrayal

The most significant media portrayal was a film called "Triumph of Will," by Leni Refenstahl. This film was ordered by Hitler to be released to the Germans. The film showed the intentions of Hitler and his reasoning for treating the Jews the way he did. The purpose of the video was to get the Germans to see Jews the way that he did. After the film was released, more and more people were agreeing with Hitler.

In the United States, media only had point of view about Hitler and his actions. The United States thought what was going on in Germany was insane and unnecessary. The way the Jews were just thrown into concentration camps and murdered was so inhuman. How could one think that is okay?

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Cultural criticism was the whole reason the Holocaust existed. Hitler thought that the Jews were messing up the way Germans lived. In order to fix this problem Hitler demanded all Jews were to be executed. Just because of what the Jews believed in.

Another criticism would be Marxist. The haves (Jews) and the have nots (Germans.) During the time of the Holocaust Germany was going through a hard financial time. The Jews were still well off even in the financial crisis while the Germans were struggling. Hitler thought the only way to fix this was to erase all the Jews from Germany.


Leni Reifenstahl's video was the biggest bias on the event of the Holocaust. Her video was used to convince the Germans that what Hitler was doing was okay. The media in German only focused on the "good" of the Holocaust. The media never ever showed what was really going on in the concentration camps and how the Jews were actually treated.
Nazi Germany