Social Studies Field Trip

Come join our class for a trip to the Field Museum!

On March 13th, Miss Rizzo's class will be going to the Field Museum!

Why are we going to the Field Museum?

Over the last few weeks we have explored ancient Egyptian civilization in Social Studies. Students have learned about King Tut, the famous pyramids, and ancient Egyptian culture. Lucky for us, starting March 1st, the Field Museum is introducing a new hands-on exhibit about Ancient Egypt!

We are in need of Chaperons!

In order for this trip to be possible, we need 5-10 chaperons. Each chaperon will be responsible for five students throughout the day (one being your child). These parents will arrive at school at 9 am ready to get on the bus. We are expected to return to school at 2:30 pm. Like the students, chaperones are expected to bring a bagged lunch. Further details can be found on the class website.

If you are interested in chaperoning, please sign up on the GoogleDoc (link under "Newsletter" tab on the classroom website)

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