Pennsylvania Awaits!

Only 40 Shillings Per Hundred Acres!

Why Pennsylvania?

Founded by William Penn, Pennsylvania (or Penn's Woods) is a beautiful historic place to be. Here in the Quaker Province, we believe in religious freedom for all. Our government is nothing short of democracy, with a 72-member Provincial Council and a General Assembly, as outlined in William Penn's Frame of Government. We are the first European settlement in this area (although the Dutch had a settlement in nearby Delaware to establish trading posts), but not to worry, because, we have very good relations with the neighboring Indian tribes like the Lenape and Iroquois, so you won't ever need to worry about Indian attacks like you would elsewhere. We even have Indian representation in the General Assembly! Finally, Pennsylvania is the birthplace of some of the most influential political thinkers of our time period, including Benjamin Franklin and William Paine. Buy your plot here today!

Famous Pennsylvanians

  • Benjamin Franklin: Our most famous citizen, this author, politician, scientist, inventor, civic activist and diplomat founded many organizations, including the Academy and College of Philadelphia. Some other achievements of his include inventing bifocals, the lightning rod, and the Franklin stove, and writing Poor Richard's Almanac and publishing The Pennsylvania Gazette.
  • Thomas Paine: Author of the legendary pamphlet, Common Sense, Paine also wrote The Age of Reason, in support of deism and free thought, Rights of Man, defending the French Revolution against its many critics, and Agrarian Justice, about property and the idea of having a minimum income for workers.
  • William Penn: The founder of our great colony was also an early advocate of democracy and religious tolerance. He was known for his good relations with Indians, particularly the Lenape, as evidenced by the Treaty of Shackamaxon and his buying the land given to him in the grant from the Indians who had already settled there before.