Why Mars ?

By: Ayla & Quinton

Benefits for people here on Earth .

One of the benefits for mars is the Biosuit . Here on earth this suit could be used for athletes and military . For athletes running track makes them faster , in ice skating an in football it will keep them warm . Athletes use it also ribbed swimsuit used for drones to keep water out of it . The biosuit has coils that heat up the suit and makes it bendable why they cool contract . Temperature pill used to regulate body temperature used to regulate pill has inside ( microscopic ) . In Mars use for keeping the biosuit dry . The artificial heart - Nasa created fuel pumps the society was able to mimic the design to help people with failing hearts. In the Military if someone is bleeding it acts as a tourniquet puts pressure on the area . The purpose for the biosuit in mars is that it's flexible , comfortable . It can be used in case of emergency keep temperature of body stable .

About mars

on mars the atmosphere is so thin its net enough to slow you down to a soft landing even with huge parachutes.but it is still enough so that as soon as you hit the mars atmosphere you are totally committed in the case of the lunar landing right up to the last minute as