Individual versus society

Freak the Mighty Theme Poster

Book Title

The title of the book describes the two individuals who were cast out by society. Kevin is "Freak" and Max is mighty. Together they learn how to fit in with other kids and their self-confidence grows. Everyone feels like a "freak" sometimes because he/she doesn't fit in. This books shows how friends will accept you no matter what. If they don't accept you, they really weren't a good friend to begin with.

Conflict and Outcome - Man vs. Society

This is a conflict in the story because people tease Max and Kevin. Max is teased because his dad is in prison. People treat him differently because they are afraid he will turn out like his dad. Kevin is teased because he looks different physically, and he makes weird comments about King Arthur and robots. Kevin and Max are misfits.

Character's remarks/actions

Max is sick of people treating him differently because his dad has a bad reputation. When he was little he used to kick everyone so they would leave him alone. Now he tries not to fight with anyone because everyone thinks he'll turn out like his big, bad dad. He really respects Kevin and helps him out whenever possible. He put him on his shoulders to see the fireworks, he carries him around so he can walk easier, he gets help for him when Kevin is choking, and he goes on quests with him.

Kevin is made fun of by others because he looks so different. People feel sorry for him but Max thinks Kevin is one of the smartest people he'll ever meet. Kevin uses his voice to intimidate others and tries to boss people around. One example is when he tries to tell the moving people where to put the boxes. When Max and Kevin visit Iggy, Kevin is scared and doesn't talk like his usual self. That makes Max even more scared. "Freak" has a lot to deal with but he tries not to let things bother him by always keeping busy and reading or playing on computer, inventing things, or thinking about robots.

Contrasts between characters

Kevin and Max are both misfits, but they deal with this very differently. Kevin is an extravert who likes to think, read, and keep busy. He doesn't have friends, but he tries not to let that bother him by thinking of other things. Max is an introvert who spends most of his time in the "Down Under" of his basement until he meets Freak. Max as a bad reputation that he inherited from his father so people fear him for no reason. Because of this, Max is a pacifist and doesn't fight anyone at the risk of turning out like his father. It's ironic that Max is so big but doesn't even think about fighting.