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For Vampire Academy The Book

Vampire Academy

  • St. Vladimir's academy for vampires or to be more specific Dhampirs and Moroi a idea that caught the interest of the beautiful minded Richelle Mead. It was a genius move to translate these thoughts into context of a book and creating one of the few popular vampire books.
  • Review: The first problem the characters one dimensional bland only used for plot advancement and the good characters? Stereotypes all of them give noting to offer and the one that does is a flat out jerk. this story is amazing it can reel you in fast and takes advantage of everything at its disposal even turning the stereotypes bareble if not enjoyable. this a pretty good book and i would recommend it to anybody that likes a long story line and can look over a few problems then its a great read.

Charactres and theyre impact

Lets start with Rose the main character she leads you from beginning to end essential for the plot to progress. she shows all the other characters her true role but her act is overplayed like the hero's on Saturday morning cartoons but shes pretty enjoyable predictable but enjoyable.

Next is Lissa an interesting nut she has the most development of everybody cause she is the story her powers and depression lead what twists and turns are shown to break it down. Lissa is going through depression thanks to her special powers and Rose and crew must save her from her own insanity.

The here is Victor Dashkov he learns of Lissa special healing powers kidnapping her she is given a choice she can heal Victor from hid deadly disease and go insane or be tortured to no end. Victor had been secretly judging her abilities from afar and now he strikes.

The main characters

"Life dosen't care what we want"

Moments of impact

We've been thrown into an unexplained world forced to learn with nothing to learn with and almost immediately the Guardians have come kicking off the plot and introducing the main story.
Animals are being murdered and left in Lissa's hands and being quite fond of them doesn't fare to well as she spirals into depression and everything in her life is wrong.
Rose gets a vision Lissa kidnapped and brought to a small cabin in the woods a small elite team of Guardians is sent to retrieve her and return the captor
Victor Daskov kidnapper of Lissa dragomir abusing her powers for his benefit he is locked away but then her granddaughter Natalie turns strigoi and almost saves her grandfather but is put to a swift end by guardian Dimitri Belikov.

The Final pitch

The book had lackluster characters and a absolutely amazing story that had an great grip on its mood using it to sway the way you feel easily immersed in the story. This setting is almost relates to people who feel trapped in they're own problems and emotions while giving off the vibe of a high school drama and classical buildings. Almost like the buildings the atmosphere gives off a classical but afraid impression. Ms.Mead didn't seem to want to convey a message but rather a story. The conflict with victor is good but so is Lissa's I personally prefer Lissa's conflict delving into in insanity seems something not to explored and I enjoy the change of pace from Victor. The imagery is pulled of fabulously I could explore each crack and corner leaving no stone unturned I would dread watching the movie as it would be complexly alien as to what I think Ms.Mead was trying to display.