Industrial Revolution: Rich vs Poor

By: Cameron Gooch

Work Life of the Rich

The rich owned big businesses, factories, shopping stores,etc. and made a lot more money than the poor. Being rich was a big deal because if anything happened in their business it could take away a portion of their wealth and business.

Work Life of the Poor

For the children who come from poor living conditions it was harder for them than for their parents because they had to also get jobs and work for big factories. These factories weren't exactly the safest environment for children to be managing heavy machinery, many kids were injured during the process of operating the machines they had to work with.

Housing of the Rich

Rich families had better house structures, clean/new clothes, and had all supplies they needed. kids didn't have to work in factories and were paid minimum wage for less hours than the poor families.

Housing of the Poor

Housing for the poor was very compacted and had very minimal rooms. it was difficult for families to live in these conditions, especially since they were paid extremely little for 16 hours of work so food, clean clothes, and other household needs were very difficult for survival.

Life of Rich Children

Rich children had better education, homes, and were healthy. Life was great for any kids that were rich because they got anything they needed when they needed it and they didn't have to work as hard as other children did because they had less work hours.

Life of Poor Children

During these times children who were poor had a very hard and saddening life. instead of getting out of school and going out to play they had to go work for the rest of the day at dangerous factories and barely had any sleep for the next day because they spent so much time working long hours.