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I connected with all of the amazing leaders on our team this week and I wanted to create a tip list that all of team Stella Girls can refer to....these are best practices from the TOP leaders. Each has a very successful business and each has so many great ideas and suggestions! It may appear long but there is so much FANTASTIC content...this is a MUST read! We all learn from each other.....who better to duplicate than those who have achieved it! I learn from these amazing women every day....success is not for other is for YOU!

Leslie Reardon - Star Stylist

Booking Trunk Shows
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Top Booking Tips!

1. Build your prospect list!! High school friends, college friends, coworkers, members of your church community, neighbors, book club, gym friends, kids’ friends' parents, civic involvement contacts, Facebook friends…basically, anyone you’ve ever known!! :)

2. Turn your prospect into a warm lead. If you’re not comfortable asking someone to book during your first reach out, then warm them up first! Mail them a look book, send them a digital look book link or a super cute image and ask their opinion. Then, once they respond, proceed immediately to Tip #3!

3. Ask for the show. Be FUN and BREEZY yet ASSERTIVE. Read these WTS then I will tell you why they work!!

Hi Julie!! I'm reaching out to a few of my most stylish friends and of course thought of you! I've got a couple of dates free in June for a Cupcakes and Couture happy hour for you and your girlfriends! I bring the cupcakes and a bottle of champs, and you get to shop for FREE and half off with your hostess rewards! How about Thursday June 9 from 7-9 or Sunday June 26 from 2-4? (insert super cute image)

a. Fun: How fun did that sound?! There is no mention of “trunk show” because that seems to make people think it’s work v. fun. “Happy Hour” or “Style Soiree” sounds like SO much fun right?!

b. Breezy: You can offer to bring some treats to minimize any stress on your hostess.

c. Assertive: Offer up dates and times. Give at least one but no more than 3. More than 3 and it’s too loosey goosey and it makes you look waaaayyyy TOO available. If that date doesn’t work for her quickly respond with 1-2 more!

4. Overcome objections. Unless her response is “There is no way in hell I would ever host a show”, then you might be able to navigate around her concern! “I don’t know if my friends would be interested” - this translates to the most common hostess objection: I’m so worried that no one will come! Try this for a response… “How about we pick a date that works for you, and I will help you brainstorm a guest list and will send you a couple of SUPER CUTE pics to get your friends excited for your show!"

*Now that you are using the tips above to book shows, let’s talk about some booking strategy…*

5. Frontloading. - Frontloading your month means that you book as many trunk shows as you can in the first week or two of the month. The reason this is AWESOME is that you get your month off to a strong start, and if you have a cancellation or illness, you still have plenty of time to add a trunk show towards the end of the month to ensure that you meet your goal!

6. Booking shows in tight. When reaching out, offer dates within the next 10-14 days. A show in the next 10 days keeps your hostess’ enthusiasm high, which usually means more sales at her show. It also builds MOMENTUM in your business - a trunk show leads to MORE trunk shows!

7. Stay positive. All stylists - whether you are in your jumpstart or you are a director - have “down” days in this business. If you are having one of these days, REACH OUT to your sponsor or another friend in the biz! This always makes me feel better, and I always get great ideas from my sponsor and other friends that give me the boost I need to refocus and stay positive.

Brigid Reisch - Director

Hostess Coaching
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So you have booked the trunk you want to RAMP it up and make it super successful for two reasons!:). One...for your hostess to get a ton of rewards! A happy hostess will host again! Two...the more you sell the more you make!

Once I book the show I take total are the professional....act like it! I do everything via text as it is quick! I tell her to invite 50...everyone she knows and even people who live out of town as they can shop online and get great style tips from me! It is a great way to be able to connect with more of her circle...who knows...maybe one of her out of town friends will be interested in the opportunity:). I then give her stats as she gets nervous thinking she is having a party for 50:). I tell her 1/2 will say no....5 won't respond...and the night of the show 4-5 will cancel...a solid 15!! Just think if you only invited 20 with those stats! Then I send the invite.....ALWAYS ALWAYS use our Stella and Dot invitation....I never let a hostess do an invite:). Once the invite goes out I send her great pics via TEXT and tell her to send them to her top 10 buyers...usually all pics from Instagram. I give her a little blurb to say and she sends them off maybe 3 different days each week before the party. A week before the party I create smore for her entire guest list...I call it my style flyer:). I load it with great pics, the trunk show exclusives, styling tips, links to shop and videos on being a stylist. Three days before I send my hostess a cute red stamp to remind her guests:). I come to her house an hour before and I tell her that she gets a quick styling session to start making her wish list since she is going to get so many rewards! We start trying on pieces together and that is when I start asking her questions to see how the stylist opportunity could fit into her life:)). I then tell her that we are a styling team for the next 2-3 hours....she needs to be trying on pieces as much as me....if not more! Our goal is to get her as much in free as possible....batman and robin! These are her friends....they want to see her trying things on just as much as the stylist at the party!:). We work the room together and I casually tell are basically doing my would be a fantastic stylist! It's not a line...people just need to have confidence...that is 1/2 the battle!!! The main goal is to develop a together and give her the best experience possible...hopefully to become a repeater hostess or possibly a stylist!! We sell an experience...we are not product pushers as our lines are fabulous...they sell themselves!! You are selling yourself! Style before sales! REPEAT....STYLE BEFORE SALES! If you read this and feel like it is a lot....please know that I duplicate everything for each hostess....meaning I send the same pics to all of my hostess's in that month....I use the same smore but change names and is a process that is totally repeatable!!!

Jessie Schneider - Star Stylist

Collecting Outside Orders
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I hustle for outside orders every single month! They are a great way to maximize every trunk show and gain additional sales volume. Orders in advance: Before a trunk show, I (or I coach my hostess) to reach out/respond to any guest that is a 'no' or 'maybe'. Just because they can't come, doesn't mean they can't shop! I acknowledge their RSVP, encourage them to shop "Sally's" show in advance by providing the trunk show link. Post show, I follow up with how much we missed them at "Sally's" trunk show and again, the link to shop online, usually listing a fave item of the evening.


"Hey Jane, Thanks so much for your RSVP, will miss you at Sally's trunk show! Our summer collection may be my absolute fave yet! Sunglasses, totes, tunics and jewels galore :) SO so cute- you'll have to check it out. Here is a link to our Summer Look Book: Let me know your must haves and I'll happily place an order to Sally's trunk show, it's open for orders beginning today!... or feel free to shop Sally's show online here: TRUNK SHOW LINK"

Orders after: After a trunk show, before I leave, I sit down with the hostess and share her earned Hostess Rewards. If I've already left, I screen shot the Hostess Rewards and text it to her (including my commission in the pic! Hello sponsoring seed - it's worked many a time!). This is my opportunity to discuss how much more we need to get her to the next level of rewards/ everything on her wish list. Then I say something like, "Who else do you know that might love some Stella?". Usually a hostess can quickly come up with a list of 5 people that she or I text (including a cute pic from the trunk show! A tray, a catalog with my sticker, just something personal) within the next 24 hours to shop online or place an order through me. Again, follow-up a few days later if you haven't heard from them is key! Lastly, I love reaching out to contacts I know can't attend a trunk show. Some examples would be they live out of state, are unable to host for various reasons, or have an upcoming event/trip. I email them a personal note with a few pics and link to our look book online. Few days later, I follow up and mention a certain item I think they would especially love and if they'd had a chance to peek at my link. In some cases, I mail them a catalog with a personal note. This has gained me some seasonal customers that expect my email or mailed catalog with each collection debut!

Lisa Sears - Star Stylist

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Yay! You've started your Stella business and your friends hosted a show and so did a member of family. But now what? Or you have been doing this gig for awhile now and it seems like everyone you know has hosted and you just don't know who to ask. Well ladies it's time to step out of our comfort zones! One thing that has really worked for me is linking up with another lady in direct sales. This can be done via an online show or in person. This will open you up to a whole new group of people who want to support other small businesses and love the quality of our products. Many of the ladies I've reached out to have huge teams and they each have teams and friends so this is a huge area to add to your WDYKL (WHO DO YOU KNOW LIST). Another great option is getting in to the community. Head to your locally owned stores and see if you can do a pop up, or join a committee or board. I know we are all busy but finding something else to be a part of will open up so many opportunities for Stella. The last thing that has worked well for me is fundraiser shows. We all have loads of acquaintances on Facebook and I've found many ladies love the idea of a fundraiser show. Donating to a non for profit gives you the tax credit and you are building a big base for future trunk show hostesses and customers. Plus the sales volume on fundraisers show are normally high! Win-Win-Win! All of these options open up your network to people not on your who do you know list and give you a good base for building connections throughout your community and across the country!

Liz Krull - Associate Director

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If you're looking to build your business and help other women realize how awesome it is to be a Stella & Dot stylists then sponsoring is where it's at! The first step to sponsoring is pretty basic...don't be afraid to TALK about the opportunity. Aren't you so glad someone asked you to be a stylist?! When I first approach someone about becoming a stylist I try to think of how Stella & Dot would fit in THEIR can they style their life with Stella & Dot? For example, the guest at your trunk show that loved EVERYTHING, a teacher looking to make extra money this summer, a friend that loves fashion and shopping, a stay-at-home mom looking to contribute financially to her family, a fun outgoing girl who loves an excuse for a girl's night! The list goes on...the point is Stella & Dot can be for anyone and everyone so it's up to YOU to tell that person about it!

Here are some words to say if you are a new stylist or a stylist looking to sponsor her first teammate:

Hi Jane, I don't know if you heard but I'm a stylist with Stella & Dot! I've been having so much fun and earning some great extra money and I keep thinking of YOU! I know how much you like fashion (or jewelry or I know you're off this summer...basically insert the reason you think S&D is for her) and I think you would really love being a stylist too! Besides the obvious perks of free accessories and the extra's a really great side-gig you can do at your pace. No goals and no monthly minimums. If you have any interest at all let me know and I can email you more info! Let me know your thoughts...or if you think I'm a total crazy lady:)))

I try to keep it light and breezy- We don't want to overwhelm them with too much info at first! I also keep a running list of "potential stylists" on my phone so I can keep tabs on who I've reached out too.

It truly is so much fun to bring along a friend on this Stella & Dot journey...once you start sponsoring you will be so glad you did!