What We Want in the Rainforest.


Here for a reason

We the settlers need the rainforest as much as others might. One way we use this land is for shelter. We use some wood and some nature for our shelter. Some of the houses are built out of leaves that have fallen on the ground and then they make the insulation with mud. They also make wood houses. We use the land for our food to feed our families. We plant our fruits and vegetables with the poor soil that we have. We need this land to be able to live and if we don't then we wont be able to preserve the rainforest as we want to. This is why the rainforest is critical to us settlers.

There Really Isn't Another Option.

We have been known as the settlers for awhile. We are poor and were we came to the rainforest because it was getting to populated and crowed in Brazil.The brizellien gov sent us to the rainforest because they thought it was the appropriate spot for us to live. It was the right spot for us to live because it didn't cost us any money. We couldn't really live anywhere else because we were really poor. We the settlers could earn some privacy without people coming to the rainforest and looking at how we live now.

A prospective from some settlers.

Monteverde Now - The Settlers

By: Rebecca Lulling