Tunes For Bears To Dance To

BY: Robert Cormier

Tunes For Bears To Dance To is about a boy name Henry who is working for Mr. Hairston in a local grocery store. Henry is having a lot going on at home he got the job to help his parents with money. The main characters are Henry and Mr. Hairston. Henry meets a older man from the holocaust in the crazy house. They become really good friends. Henry runs into a problem with Mr. Hairston and it involves henry's friend Mr. levine. Everything starts to go wrong.

I like this book because i can relate to a lot of what goes on. I have ran into problems with my friends and boss and it puts u in a bad situation. My favorite part of the book is when henry tells mr. hairstons daughter to stand up to her father, to not let him treat her like that. The one part i don't like is the decision that he makes when it comes down to him doing the right or wrong thing. If i could change one thing in this book, it would be that henry would have never told mr. hairston about mr. levine and how he was Jewish. That's what caused the problems with mr. hairston and wanting henry to do that bad thing.

I would recommend this book to anyone who works hard and believes in what they think is right or wrong. This book would probably be best for teens in high school or young adults. This book isn't really motivational but shows how u should always do what u believe no matter what they offer you in life.

About Robert Cormier

He passed away on nov. 2, 2000