laney glosson

how smoking affects the body

1-bad breath

2-stained teeth

3-wrinkle early

4-lung cancer

5-tooth lose

6-heart rate go's down

how it effects interactions with others

people might not want to hang out with you and not want to live in the same house with you. you could pass second hand smoke to others some kids could be allergic to smoke

how it effects you brain

It makes you crazy and the nicotine makes you want more and you could feel really realaxed

dangers of tobacca

When you light a cigarette their is over 4000 chemicals one of them is tobacco. tobacco is a drug found in cigarettes. just because you smoke people could not want to hang out with you because then you could give them second hand smoke and they could get sick because of your actions. you would have bad breath tooth lose aged skin and cancer so for your health and your familys health don't smoke