Genius Hour Question

Will Humans Ever be able to Live on Other Planets?

NASA found a solar system that is 470 light years away from Earth.

Only two are capable of having a possible new home for humans. The two planets are called Kepler 22-b, and Kepler 438-b.

About the new solar system.

The new solar system that NASA found is called, "Kepler 186 system." The system consists of five planets.

About Kepler 22-b

  • Kepler 22-b has the right temperature for human life.
  • Kepler 22-b is an ocean-like planet.
  • Kepler 22b has oxygen on it but we don't know if it's enough oxygen because the oxygen is just from the water.

About Kepler 438-b

  • Rocky Planet.
  • On a scale 1 to 0 with 1 being the most similar to Earth it is a 0.88.
  • 470 light years away.

Why do all of the planets start with the word,"Kepler?"

They start with Kepler because NASA wanted to name it after the Renaissance Astronomer, Johannes Kepler.

My Genius Hour Question was,"Will Humans Ever be able to Live on Other Planets?"

After this project I learned that there is a possibility to live on other planets but it is going to be years and years from now.

By Marshall Fleming


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