A. A. Kingston Middle School

September 4, 2020

Dear A.A.K. Families,

I am very excited to have students enter AAK on Tuesday. It has been a long time and a lot has changed since we were learning in a classroom. Some of you will continue to learn from home and others will be adjusting to the new safety procedures at school. However it is that you will be learning this school year, I know that everyone in the AAK family will help one another be successful.

As you look through this week's newsletter you will find a lot of information about student schedules, student expectations, and details about how we will help make sure students and staff are safe.

As the school year goes on, some of you may be interested in changing the learning preference for your child. If at any point you decide to make a change, there is a learning preference change form below for you to be complete. Please understand that if you are deciding to change to in-person instruction, this will only be an option at the end of each ten week quarter. If your child is making a change to at-home learning, there will be some time that is needed to create an appropriate schedule and time for staff to make changes to their systems.

This year will be different in many aspects of AAK, but the most important part of who we are will still be evident. The students, staff, and families of AAK will continue to work together to make sure everyone has a positive experience.

Thank you

Mr. Cook

Learning Preference Change

If at anytime you are interested in making a change to your child's learning preference, please complete this form. Also remember that this will not be an immediate change as scheduling and space availability will impact this changes.

Entering the Building

Each school morning it will be important for students to follow the procedures when entering the building.

  • Students Riding a Bus: These students should enter the building using the main entrance at A.A.K. This entrance is located in the middle of the building and labeled M7. Students that ride a bus will have their temperature taken as they get on the bus.
  • Students Walking or Parent Drop-off: These students should enter either using the 5th and 6th grade entrance, labeled M6 or the back entrance, labeled M10. Students that are walking or parent drop-off will have their temperature taken as they enter either M6 or M10. We ask that students do not arrive at AAK until 7:10 am. This will help with the temperature taking process. If a student must be dropped off before 7:10 am, they will be asked to enter using M7 and wait for a staff member to take their temperature.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 8 (Day 1)

  • First day of school for Group A

Wednesday, September 9(Day 2)

Thursday, September 10 (Day 3)

  • First day of school for Group B

Friday, September 11 (Day 4)

Student Schedules - At-home learners

Schedules for at-home learners were mailed out last week, and can also be viewed using schooltool. Students will use the teacher provided google meet link to attend these meetings. Teachers are setting up google classrooms for each group of students, and once students sign up for these google classrooms, they will have access to the google meet links. Please make sure to have your student check their emails multiple times a day for these google classroom invitations. Below you will find a short video to help clarify some scheduling questions.

Additional Information

  • Day cycle: This year AAK will be running a 5 day cycle to help with scheduling. Each week will start with day 1 regardless of what the previous week ended with. Tuesday, September 8th will be a day 1 and as we end the week Friday, September 11th will be a day 4. As we begin the next week Monday, September 14th will be a day 1. This will be the pattern for the school year.
  • At-Home Learners - Homerooms: Our students that are learning at home will see that they are listed as being in room 515 for homeroom. This is the designated homeroom so that we can properly take attendance each day for our at-home learners.
  • Chromebooks: Each student at AAK will be receiving a school issued Chromebook. Please review the expectations for these devices. Chromebook expectations (This docuement does not need to be signed)

Office Hours

This school year, in addition to the regular in-person or virtual mandatory class meetings, students will also have the opportunity to connect with teachers through office hours. This time will be designed for at-home learners or hybrid learners that are not in-person on that day to ask questions about instruction. The teachers will set up google meet links that will allow students to drop in as needed to ask clarifying questions about the current academic topics. With this design, students will be able to get questions answered each school day and it will help them manage their schedules to make sure they are able to keep up with their school work.

Google Classrooms

Each course will be using a google classroom this year. Your child should be checking their school email for the invitation to enter the google classroom. Once they have entered they will gain access to the learning materials to get them started this school year. As staff get things ready to go, students will be receiving these invitations, and they should be checking their emails multiple times a day as we get started.

Staff will also be inviting guardians to receive information from google classroom so that you can support your students at home. Please be patient as we set this up and join us as we help make sure each student is successful this school year.

Picture Day

Picture day will also be different this school year. We will have the Lifetouch crew in school on Tuesday, September 15th (Group A students) and Wednesday, September 16th (Group B students) and they will also have a session after school for at-home learners to come in for pictures if they desire. This after hours session will be on Tuesday, September 15th from 2:30 - 4:30 pm. I will be sending a sign-up link to our at-home learners for families that are interested in having pictures taken.

Online Learning Meal Options

Potsdam Central School has scheduled meal kit pick-ups on Fridays between 11:30-12:30 p.m. for those families who have completed the online pre-order process. Families will be able to submit pre-orders starting on August 31.

Pre-orders must be made weekly to receive meal kits. The pre-order form will open every Monday with a deadline of every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in order to receive meal kits for the following week.

The cost of the meal kits will include the required number of breakfasts and lunches.

Families who have not applied for Free and Reduced-Priced benefits should submit a Family Meal Application to see if they qualify. Those who do not qualify for free or reduced meals will be required to pay at the time of pick up.

Here’s How to Get Started:

First, families who do not already have a Myschoolbucks.com login should create an account. There is no charge to create an account. You can access this account via web or mobile app. Here you can add money to your child’s account.

To create an account, parents will need to know their student’s school ID number. Students may know their number as they use it in the café on a normal basis. If you need help with getting the ID number please call 315-265-2000x472.

The new online ordering allows for parents to pick-up meal kits without their students having to be present. Families will need to order meals using the google order form. The form does need to be filled out weekly.

When parents arrive at the pick-up location, they will confirm with a staff member who they are picking up for.

Questions? Email cbristol@potsdam.k12.ny.us or call 315-265-2000 x472.

Weekly Order Form

Learning Expectations

Group A or Group B:

  • Students will be attending school two days a week (look at the hybrid schedule for specific dates).
  • Students will be expected to complete asynchronous academic work on the days they are not in-person.
  • On the days when students are not in person they will have the opportunity to meet with teachers virtually during the teachers office hours. Students that receive special education services will meet with teachers virtually on the days they are not in-person.
  • When students are in the school building they will need to wear masks all day, but will be given masks breaks throughout the day.
  • Students will remain in their classroom for all classes except PE and lunch/recess. For special classes such as art and music the teacher will come to their classroom.
  • The locker rooms will not be available to students for PE.

At-Home Group:

  • Students will have scheduled meetings each day with teachers. These meetings are mandatory and attendance is required by NYSED.
  • Students need to use the google meet links provided by their teachers to access these mandatory classes.
  • Students will be expected to complete asynchronous academic work each week.
  • Families will need to pick-up learning materials periodically throughout the year as staff see it appropriate for the learning objectives. Chromebooks will be available for pick-up on Thursday and Friday, September 3rd and 4th.