Stock Market Activity results

10-26 to 12-18

Overall Gain/Loss

In total I lost approximately $4,708. This came from selling stocks at the wrong time, buying them at inappropriate times, and investing too much money in stocks that lost me money.

What place I ended up in

I came in 13 place behind Sam Northup and in front of Em Scarfo

Stock Purchase Strategy

I did not buy a large variety of stock and much of my success was determined by a few stocks. I bought stocks based on the advice of my father. At first i also bought well known companies, then i bought stocks at their high point, i found this was bad because they would always shoot down, finally i bought stocks at their low point and this worked for gopro once but the next time I tried this it failed

Biggest money makers

The only stocks that made me money were best buy, amazon, and google. These all made me $300+

Biggest money losers

The biggest money loser by far was GoPro; losing over $5,000. Sprint also lost approximately $1,000

What trends did I notice

I noticed that large well known companies, such as Amazon or Google, have steady slow growth. Whereas other smaller companies, such as Best Buy or Sprint, have swings of high and low periods. GoPro seemed to consistently go lower and lower even though many believed it to shoot up in price

What resources did I use

I mainly tried to figure out which stocks would raise based on my own judgment and gut feelings that I held, as this did pay off for some stocks it tanked for others losing me as much as $2,500. I researched after I had already bought the stock, and this was a mistake. I also used my father to see which stocks to buy, this ended being one of the few stocks that held a payout.

What did I learn

I learned that most of the time stocks will fall once they get to a high point, and they generally rise when they reach a low point. Large companies tend to have steady growth throughout their existence and these had the most profit for me in the end