First Grade Happenings

October 13, 2016

Happy Sunday! I am a little concerned about my Giants, but hopeful that they win the next three games in order to advance and, ultimately, win the World Series! BeliEVEN!!!!

Some things to keep in mind this week:

  • Ashlyn Chan is our next Top Dog!

  • Congrats to Nathan for earning the “ Great Word Problems” Certificate and Victor for earning the “Name on Every Paper” certificate.

  • Thanks to all of you for ordering books from Scholastic! Our class earns bonus points every time you order! I submitted the group order last Thursday, but if you still wish to order, no problem! Just go online, order, and I will receive an email telling me to submit.

  • The Founders Day Walk-a-Thon is Friday at 2:00 pm. Feel free to come on out and cheer your child! Your child was sent information about this in the Homework Folder.

  • The behavior in the classroom has improved! Part of the reason is because I now hold “retraining” sessions during part of the lunch recess for those students who need reminders on how to follow classroom procedures.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday, October 8th, is a Teacher Inservice Day; no school for students.

  • Field Trip News: We will be going to see “Seussical” at the Montalvo Arts Center on Tuesday, October 18th. Leaving around 8:30 am and returning around 11:00 am. I will be sending information to the chaperones/drivers later this week.

Homework assignments for the week:

  • Remember, homework is due on Monday. Please remember to have your child log how many minutes he/she read each day on the homework sheet.

  • Homework goal for this week: accuracy! Take your time and do a good job the first time so you don’t have to correct errors during Fun Friday!

  • Please remember to remove items on the “Keep” side of the Homework Folder.

Academic skills last week:

Language Arts

  • Reading: *Read Aloud: The World According to Humphrey.

*Independent reading and reading to others.

*Met with all the reading groups to work on:

compare/contrast, sequencing, story elements, and analyzing


*Explored Halloween books.

*Students took test over their guided reading book.

  • Writing: *Weekend News

*Read aloud: If You Were an Adjective and then discussed.

*Review of nouns and adjectives. Wrote adjectives for letters in their names (future project).

  • Word Work: *Word Sorts


  • Calendar

  • Count on to add, played a game called Junior Start Traveler where students rolled a die and had to scratch off numbers on a page based on an addition expression equaling the number on the die.

  • More addition facts

  • Fact practice, True Statements (Is 5+5=6+4)?

  • Reviewed Unit 3 and took test.

  • Friday Centers: Computer, I-Pads, Money Bags, Pop to Win, Shapes


  • Investigation 3, Part 1: Are these materials solids or liquids? Students explored 5 containers (Lima beans, rice, cornmeal, pinto beans, mung beans) to determine the properties that made them solids.

Social Studies

  • Guests from Sweden (Aria’s relatives). We learned about where Sweden is, the Royal family, the singing group ABBA, and the famous store Ikea. Pictures of these things are in the Media Album in Schoology.

  • We learned about the Jewish holiday Rosh Hasanah.

  • We read and discussed an article from Studies Weekly: “I am Responsible”. We read a book: Do Unto Otters (about manners) and then watched a Magic School Bus clip about responsibility.

  • Students completed a Columbus Day puzzle and booklet. We watched a Brainpop, Jr. video about this holiday.

Character Education

  • Courage: We discussed the definition. We talked about the animal of the month (Mongoose) and the color of the month (silver). Students then shared a time they were afraid.

Office Hours:

Please e-mail me at if you would like to meet. I am available after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Have a great day,

Deb Waring