My Self Perceptions

By Andres Ortiz

How Others Perceive Me

True Colos

Some people might percieve me as a know it all, insensitive, demanding, and argumentative. They also might see me as an inflexible and too serious person, and they might think I lack imagination. They also might think that I am too nice, too trusting, and untrustworthy.

Interviews With my Family

Jada (sister)

Jada thinks I can be lazy, a gamer, and unorganized. She says the worst wod she can use to describe me is annoying, but she says I can be annoying, because I am very persistent. (This is my older sister, so she will describe me worse then everybody else.) On the bright side she thinks I am helpful.


My mom thinks I am focused, inquisitive, and intuitive. She thinks I am caring, but can be intolerent.She thinks that I am highly competitive, mostly with myself. She says that I am extremely creative when allow myself to not be perfect, and thinks that I am highly supportive of my friends and family.

Dominic (mom's boyfriend)

Dominic thinks I am inquisitive and curious. He also thinks I am helpful. He says that my worst flaw that I am too sensitive. He says this, because I have been around girls my entire life, so it isn't my fault.

Based off of what everybody said, I am a very curious, helpful, caring, and very unique. I think by the time I graduate college, I will have succeeded to improving what they will say.


(The people who make me, me)

I have three siblings Jada, Bella, and Nicholas. Jada was born on June 20th, 2001. Like me, Jada is in the LEAP/GT progam. Bella was born January 18th, 2012. She is only 22 months old. Nicholas was born November 5th, 2013. He is still only a week and 2 days old.