Newsletter Term 2, Week 9

Otautau School 2nd July 2021


Kia koutou,

What a fantastic couple of days we have had learning about road safety and biking skills. What was really impressive was seeing all the bikes parked around the school and the students meaningfully engaging with the program. We still have 7 bikes at school waiting to be picked up. If we can have all bikes collected by the end of Term (next week) that would be really helpful.

We are definitely coming into the flu season. Please be aware that we do have a couple of different types of illnesses going around at present (a vomiting bug and head colds). We would appreciate it if you kept you child home for a day if they are showing any signs if illness to stop further spread of the viruses going around.

Nga mihi,

Simon Bell

Relationships and Sexuality Education

As part of the governments announcement around the Curriculum Refresh we are running an information and consultation evening around the new and revised 'Relationships and Sexuality' curriculum. The new curriculum covers 3 parts:

  • Ko Au - All About Me
    Knowledge, understandings, and skills relating to physical and sexual health and development: emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental.

  • Ko Aku Hoa - Friendships and Relationships with Others
    Understandings and skills to enhance relationships, for example in relation to friendships, intimate relationships, love, families and parenting.

  • Ko Toku Ao - Me and the World
    Critical inquiry, reflection, and social-action skills related to issues to equity, gender, body image, risk and safety.

Linked to these three key learning areas there are developmental steps appropriate to the age of the children that teachers follow.

During the information and consultation evening we will share these steps with you and get your feedback around what topics we can link in with these learning areas.

The date for the consultation evening is Thursday, 8 July @ 7.30pm in the Otautau School library.



Ride Well

This week Cycling Southland visited us for two days and took our Year 4 - 8 children through a two hour bike riding safety program. Although it was wet one day and frosty the other we had a marvelous time. The children learnt some valuable safety skills and had a lot of fun too. Many thanks to the parents who went out of their way to make sure bikes were brought to school for their child’s use.

Thanks also to Nik and Tommo for their enthusiasm and the expertise they provided over the two days. These guys along with retiree Bruce Ross and Tim spent some time checking our own school bikes, pumping up tyres and adjusting nuts and bolts.

It was great to see our children out riding around at break times and lunchtimes, practising their skills and having fun. We would love to open our bike shed again and offer bikes for use to children however, there are about nine of our bikes that need more repairs that the team from Cycling Southland could give. If anyone has any bike repair skills, tools and parts and could get our bikes back to working order we would love to hear from you and really appreciate your help.


We are going to celebrate Matariki on Friday 9th of July.

The students will be in their house groups but split into 2 groups. They will do 2 activities starting at 10.30am and going through to 12.30pm. At 12.30 the house groups will have a shared lunch. Could there be no heated food for this unless you can bring it at 12.30 for the shared kai.

If wet, Longwood will be in Rm 9, Pourakino in Rm 1, Aparima in Rm 4 and Takitimu in Rm 2. If it’s a nice day Longwood will be outside Rm9/Library area, Pourakino outside staffroom, Aparima back tennis courts and Takitimu outside Rm 6.

It would be awesome if parents could come and join and help on our day. There is going to be some games, crafts, flax weaving, and art. If anyone has some experience or would love to help with the flax it would be really appreciated.

End of the Term Assembly will be at 2pm on this day.

Room 3 Buddy Reading with Room 6


Here are our Maker Space creations and our clue writing from this week. Read our clues and see if you can guess what we are?

I am yummy. I am a type of treat food. I can’t fly. You can decorate me. You can’t wear me as a hat. I start with b. I am not real. And I am still. What am I?

By Isabelle Hurley.

What am I? I can run fast. I have spots and ears and feet and antlers. I start with d. Some people shoot me. Some people like me.

By Isla Wouterson.

I am colourful. I have sharp claws. There are not very many of me. I have a large beak. I am not a hat. I don’t live in the water. I live in the jungle. I can fly. I start with T.

By Rylan Auld.

I am fast. I am fun. I go on water. I go by motor. People fish on me. I splash water. You can’t wear me. You can sleep in me. What am I?

By Toby Nicol.

What am I? You can see through me. You can wear me. I am white and sometimes I can be black. You can put me away. I start with s. I have glass and my glass can be pink.

By Alex Byron.

Answers: Isabelle’s biscuit, Isla’s deer, Rylan’s toucan, Toby’s boat and Alex’s sunglasses.

Upcoming Events

  • 5th-8th July - Year 7 Technology Winton
  • 9th July - Matariki Day - shared lunch
  • 9th July - Assembly 2pm
  • 9th July - END OF TERM
  • 26th July - TERM 3



Book Sale

10th & 11th July and 16th & 17th July 2021

10am - 4pm

Otautau Catholic Parish Centre (opposite Western Motors)

If anyone would like to donate books to the Museum Book Sale, these can be dropped off at the Southland District Council offices.


14 – 19 July 2021

Location: Southland Girls’ High School, 328 Tweed Street, Invercargill

Tickets: $18 per person (under two’s are free)


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