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Detox Juice Diet: Boost Your Immune System And Live Healthy Lifestyle

Recently we heard the word “Detox juice Diet”. To know about these words we must look back in our past. World improved in discoveries, researches, inventions, science, technology and in each and every department. But all the things invented and designed by him are not able to perform in a perfect manner. He realized the mistakes after the consequences gave him a bad experience. The revolution in food industry by using chemical fertilizer and pesticides affected human being with unknown and dangerous effects.

In kerala they use endosulfan in the tea plant. A new born child was affected by a very peculiar look of a big head and abnormal child. Later on they knew about the side effect of the pesticide. So we have to improve health in a natural way.

Having varieties of fresh juice is good for health. Consuming healthy food in a proper way is the secret of healthy. So dieticians introduced a 2 day juice detox diet. This method cleans our body with fresh juice and makes our inner organs strong and healthy. This diet helps us to reduce the toxin stored in our body because of the change in our food style.

Fruits like apple, pine apple, tomato, watermelon, papaya, lemon and orange, vegetables like cabbage, carrot, sweet potatoes and particular greens are used in detox juice diet. You do not have to start it with 5 days juice cleanses or 3 days cleanse. Start it simply from a 2 day juice detox diet. It helps to improve your immune system.

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