Beyond Basic Twitter

For the truly Twitterpated

The Teacher's Guide to Twitter

This resource is truly a gem. The Teacher's Guide to Twitter covers everything from biggest tips for educators using twitter to educational hashtags to managing your Twitter account through another source, and which Twitter logos you cannot use in your materials.

There are some great infographics as well, including a Twitter Cheat Sheet.

Generating Better Ideas with Twitter

This article tackles the topic of using your Twitter network to become better innovators. In a nutshell, the key is to diversify your network by following people others in your network are not following. This reduces redundancy in your Twitter feed and exposes you to new ideas.

View the article here and be sure to click on the "Show Exhibit" button to see the infographics that demonstrate the power of diversified Twitter networks.

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Hashtags and Chats

There must be 1,001 (or more) Twitter chats of all kinds going on at all times of the day and night. Many, many of them are education related. Here is a Twitter Chat Schedule.

During March, SPS's Professional Learning crew hosted #iTeachMO chats. Chats are centered on a theme determined by the facilitator who also is responsible for posting questions throughout the time scheduled for the chat. Chats are normally an hour long, but the hour flies by. Don't plan on going to sleep immediately after chatting - your brain will be too abuzz.

The best way to learn to Twitter chat is to troll one. This can be done while the chat is in progress (which will let you see the speed with which Tweets are posted and replied to), or simply to search for a hashtag used by a Twitter Chat and look through the responses.

Still feel uncomfortable about Tweeting with the rest? Watch this short Zaption instructional video on how to participate in a Twitter Chat.

A picture is worth. . . well, you know. Images generate interaction on Twitter.

Tweets per Second

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See it All at Once: TweetDeck

TweetDeck allows you to view your Twitter feed in handy columns you create yourself. No more scrolling endlessly to try to find who Tweeted what while you were away.

Visit this site for more information and set up your TweetDeck account today.

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Twitter Etiquette

Here are 10 Essentials of Twitter Etiquette as you get started. The use of Twitter has shifted through the years, so as you explore Twitter Etiquette, be sure you're always referencing up-to-date sources!