Lise Meinter

By: Heather Moore

The Story of Lise Mitner

(This is Lise Meinter.)

This research project is about Lise Meinter. Lise was a physician. She was born in Vienna Austria on November 7 1878 and died October 27 1968. Through out her life she was a girl who loved to learn about math, and science. It was hard to get a good education, mostly because she was the third child out of eight.

Lise did go to school but because she was a girl she only got to go till 14 years old. For a long time she tried to get into a lot of other university's, none would take her in because she was a girl. She finally found a school that accepted girls. This school is called the university of Berlin. this is where she meet Otto Henn. They worked together and created the atomic bomb.

( This is Otto Hann with there invention.)

Lise didn't have a husband or children but they did call her the mother of the atomic bomb. In other peoples opinions of who she is as a person, most people don't know who she is, but that's are generation. For the people who did know her, mostly thought she was brilliant and if the wasn't ever living we might have not invented the atomic bomb for much longer time.

Some of the things that Lise said where, "no-one really thought of fission before it as discovered.", "you must not blame us scientists for the use which war technicians have put on discoveries." these are just to examples of what she said. Lise Meinter is a very smart lady, some of the things she said confused me.

Lise worked at a hospital during world war II. She worked there as a hospital assistants for a long while. After the hospital she went back to her studies of creating the atomic bomb, and still is known as the mother of the atomic bomb.