How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Although this tends to be the one thing we most overlook, it is one of the most important things we can do! Makeup brushes are an investment and we want to make sure you get all you can from them. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Think of how much bacteria is on your face daily. Bacteria and natural oils transmit onto your brushes every time they come in contact with your skin. And if you are using them on clients, you may be picking up germs and transferring them onto other people including you.

Regular Cleaning Will Help Remove:

  • Old Makeup
  • Dirt and Debris
  • Dead Skin Cells
  • Bacteria
  • Oils

Another benefit of keeping your makeup brushes clean is softness. Makeup buildup on your brushes can make them feel scratchy. Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will help keep them soft and supple. This is especially great for people with sensitive skin.

So how often should you clean your makeup brushes? Preferably, once a week if not more, this will help maintain your brushes lifespan. Wash your brushes at night and allow them to dry so they will be ready for the next day, or right after your apply your makeup. You just want to make sure you allow enough time for them to dry thoroughly before using.

Below we are going to give your some of the best and most cost effective ways to clean your brushes.

What You Will Need

  • Bar of Soap
  • Sponge
  • Olive Oil or Almond Oil
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Baby Shampoo or Liquid Detergent
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Clear Finger Nail Polish – This is optional

How to Clean Your Brushes

  • Soap – You want to use an unscented, pure, white soap for this. Dial or Ivory would be ideal. With lukewarm water, get your brush completely wet. Once your brush has been saturated, swirl the brush onto the bar of soap until it lathers up nicely. Then, rinse the brush in lukewarm water. Make sure you don’t use water that is to hot or too cold. Also, when rinsing your brushes, don’t get water above the shaft or metal part. If you do it will eventually cause rust which will cause the bristles of the brush to fall out. Gently squeeze out any excess water from the brush and lay it flat on a clean towel and allow them to air dry for at least 6 to 8 hours.
  • Detergent or Baby Shampoo and a Sponge – Take a clean sponge and wet it once again using lukewarm water. You can use either baby shampoo or dish detergent whichever one you prefer. Wet your brush making sure you saturate the brush completely. Squeeze a small amount of detergent or shampoo onto the sponge and swirl your brush on the sponge working up a good lather. Then rinse your brush with lukewarm water. You want to make sure you feel the brush when you are rinsing it to make sure you rinse all the shampoo or detergent out of the brush. If it feels slippery or slimy, continue to rinse until your brush feels clean. Once again, squeeze out the excess water and lay them flat on a clean towel to dry.
  • Olive or Almond Oil – This should only be used for brushes that are heavily embedded with makeup. For example, if your used your brush in a gel liner or if the brush is very stiff with makeup residue. Take a clean paper towel and dispense a small amount of either olive oil or almond oil and swirl the brush (dry) onto the towel. Don’t use to much oil, you don’t want your brush to become soaked with oil. You just want to use enough to help break down the makeup on the brush. After that, clean the brush like normal and make sure your rinse the brush completely and lay flat on a clean towel to dry.
  • Blending Buds – (what is that? check it out here) So many of you ask how to clean these and the process is pretty much like cleaning any other of your makeup brushes. You can use either a bar of soap, baby shampoo or dish detergent. Using dish detergent does make it a little easier when cleaning these because you can directly apply it to the beauty blender. Cleaning beauty blenders do take a little bit longer because of the rinsing process. Wet the beauty blender with lukewarm water and squeeze on a small amount of detergent onto it. Roll the Beauty Blender in your hands to help work the detergent completely in to it and rinse until the water is clear. Make sure you rinse these thoroughly until you see clean water when you squeeze the beauty blender. If the water isn’t clear, there is still product in the beauty blender. You may have to repeat this process a few times to get the beauty blender completely clean since they do soak up a lot of product. Once clean, squeeze out any excess water and lay flat to dry. You will know when the beauty blender is dry because it will have shrunk in size.

Now that your brushes are perfectly clean, we need to focus on another aspect of thoroughly cleaning your brushes…the handle! When you use your makeup brushes you are transferring germs, bacteria and even makeup onto the handles of your brushes. Remember, anything that is on the handle of your brushes is being passed to everything else you touch. To clean the handle of your brushes, pour rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and rub over the handle of your brushes. This will not only clean but disinfect the handles as well. Another great tip to keep your brushes looking great is to apply clear fingernail polish over the numbers or names that are written on the brush. This will keep the name or number of the brushes from eventually wearing off and make the brushes easy to identify. Some brushes can feel stiff even after washing them. You want your brushes to feel soft and luxurious against your skin. If this is the case, take a small amount of conditioner in your hand and massage it gently into the bristles and rinse in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. This will give the bristles a soft, velvety feel to them.

And there you have it, easy and inexpensive ways to make sure your makeup brushes are clean and well protected. Remember, cleaning your brushes is vital in helping preserve your makeup brushes. If you are uncertain which makeup brushes are worth investing in, check out our guide to the

If you need help choosing the right brush for your daily makeup routine, I am happy to help!

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