Duck Dynasty

Duck hunters who know how to live

What they do

The Robertson family is famous for both there duck calls and how they goof off. They build duck calls, hunt, fish, and on some occasions... BLOW THINGS UP!


Duck Commander has a 7 man group. Phil, oldest of the group. He hunts and fishes. Give him a fishing rod and he won't ever bother you.


Si is the brother of Phil and Uncle to Willie, Jase, and Jep. Although the Robertson's family is only crazy some times, Si is the main source of all of it. He is the one who scares the whole family and says Hey! Even if he is crazy, his story's are always the best you can tell.
Duck Dynasty (Si Robertson) - Work Hard, Nap Hard


CEO and has to run all of the duck calls. He works his workers and they listen? HA! Willie is a very serious guy and doesn't like not being the center of a attention.


Jase is the huge hunter and loves everything his dad likes. Well almost. Jase doesn't care and has fun fun and more fun!!!


The youngest out of all the three. He has the biggest brain and actually gets things done. If Jep ran the business, I bet it would run a tad bit smoother.


He's just an employe but he is considered "family". He hunts and builds duck calls. Just a normal Duck Commander guy.


He is in the same place as Godwin. Although he is not family, he looks a lot like family.