Phi Sigma Sigma Monthly Newsletter

Theta Sigma Chapter

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Sapphire Sisters

This past month the new members were paired with their Bigs! We had a fun easter egg hunt for the new members. Now we look forward to initiation this week!

A special thank you to sister development chair Jackie Love and her committee for bringing the new members through their process!

Bigs - Littles

Emma Vitacco - Nicole Nault

Rachel Brownell - Claudia Torres

Kate Carlini - Julia Hernandez

Carina DeBarcelos - Ariel Gasper

Crystal Boupha - Megan Pray

Kiley Camara - Carynn Rheaume

Maddie Piccard - Michaela Gates

Libby Sergey - Brianna Krappe & Sarah Aguiar

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Phi Sigma Sigma Initiation

This week our new sisters will be ending their new member process and will be initiated into our organization. This is a night every sister remembers fondly as they officially are welcomed into the pyramid. It is a secret and sacred ceremony. After Wednesday, the girls who accepted bids this semester will become full fledged sisters. It is a time for reflection, sincerity, solemnity, and sisterly bonds. The newest members have been working towards this night for six weeks and are ready to officially join us!

Once they are initiated, they are Always a part of the Phi Sigma Sigma family.

For families, this night is important to support the girls who are deciding to dedicate themselves to this great chapter and be proud of the steps they are taking to better themselves and the world around them.

For alumnae, this is a good time to reflect on your initiation night and all that the chapter did for you in the years following, even after you graduated.

Once A Phi Sigma Sigma, Always A Phi Sigma Sigma

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Wednesday, April 6th, 6pm

285 Old Westport Road

Dartmouth, MA

Mother's Pinning

Sunday, April 17th, 1-4pm

5 Cheryl's Way

Westport, MA

Hello families! This is the event we sent out invitations for. Just a few more details about the events for you:

Please consider parking at the UMASS campus and carpooling with your daughter and other families. There is parking available at the location but it is limited and we would have to stack the cars and people would be unable to leave early. The venue is only ten minutes from UMASS. We could have some sisters taxi people back and forth. More details to come on parking.

Attire is tea attire, Sunday brunch clothes.

You do not have to donate a dish for this event! It is being catered by a sister's stepfather who is a chef.

However, please do bring a chair for each of you to sit in (a lawn chair or stool as we will be outside)

There is a rain contingency plan.

If you change your mind about attending please just give Libby Sergey a call or text (978-855-6215)

Relay For Life!

Saturday, April 23rd, 12pm-12am

285 Old Westport Road

Dartmouth, MA

Join us for our campus wide Relay event to raise money and awareness to battle cancer!