Sixth Grade Newsletter

March 20, 2016

Dear Parents,

Please remember that we have a half-day on Friday, March 25. Students will be dismissed at 11:20 and lunch will not be served.

If you will be extending your Spring Break by leaving early or returning late, please be sure to let Mrs. Klooster in the office know your plans so we can keep accurate attendance records.


We are continuing our work on argument writing based on Women's Suffrage and the First Amendment. Students will have an opportunity to support their arguments in writing and we will try some oral debate activities as well.

Social Studies

The students have their March homework due on Monday, March 28. Students have had time in class, have been given websites, and are working very well on their question! Students were told that they are to type their question on their iPad to share with me in some way.


This week, students will continue to work with finding the area of triangles and trapezoids. They will also work on finding the area of irregular figures. Our unit test on Geometry will not be until we return from Spring Break.


We just finished up our "Mini Mac Gyver Mission: Classroom Helper". The students had to work in groups to create items useful for a school setting. I was blown away with how creative and inventive the kids were. This project lead us into a discussion on inventions and perseverance. On Thursday I assigned an Inventor Research Project. Students chose someone who invented or discovered something. They have been working hard gathering information about their person in class. On Monday, I am going to introduce Part 2 of the project. In Part 2 they will take the information and turn it into some form of presentation. We will go over the rubric and requirements Monday in class.

This is an in class project so please send your student's I pad fully charged with them all this week!

March is Reading Month

Encourage your student to read and record minutes at home. Minute slips (from the calendar) are collected on Fridays. We will have some drawings for prizes later this month.


Mrs. Pott's Class: Music

Mr. Hopkins' Class: Library/Tech


The Sixth Grade Team

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