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Early Christianity

Christianity started in the first century A.D. in a province of the Roman Empire , as a sect of Judaism. According to the bible, large crowds that gathered to hear Jesus brought him to the attention of the Roman authorities. The Roman authorities had Jesus arrested, tried as a political criminal, and eventually crucified. After Jesus was crucified, his followers spread his message. Most people did not like Christians and the Roman emperor Nero blamed the Christians for setting fire to Rome in A.D. 64. During the 200's, thousands of Christians were murdered, including Pope Fabian, head of the church. In Rome, despite the persecutions, Christianity spread. In the year 200, the Christian writer Tertullian claimed that Christians lived in almost every town. In the 300's, half the population of Asia Minor was Christian. Eventually, Rome and the rest of the world finally accepted.

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In the 1900's religious tolerance gave a rise to ecumenical movement. Also, Christians were at the forefront of the human rights movement, In Poland the Catholic Church played a major role in the fight against Communism. As you can see Christianity helped in many problems in the 1900's. During the 1960's and 1970's, for example, churches played a major role in the civil rights movement. Christianity is obviously more than just a religion, it is a life saver. Some things have changed in Christianity,. In Europe, Christianity remains the dominant religion, but fewer Europeans are active churchgoers. Catholicism is no longer Europe's leading Christian faith, but it is dominant in South America, Asia, and Africa. Although most people in the United States are Christian, other religions are growing.

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Can you join Christianity at any time

Yes you can join at any time. There are many Christian sects that actively do mission work to convert non believers over to Christianity.