Concentration Camps

Memories of the holocaust

1. Explain what Concentration Camps were and who were in them.

Concentration camps were places where they tortured Gypsies, people of color, Jews, etc . They were very unsanitary and were very crowded. The people in the camp such as Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, and people of color were ill and extremely skinny from the mass of people, insanity, and lack of feeding.

2. Describe what happened in these camps.

There were many different types of camps, such as labor camps, death camps, etc. In these camps, Jews and other people were tortured and starved to death. They also may die from the many diseases around the camp. In the death camps, only a few people would survive. In the labor camps, these people were worked very hard and treated very poorly. In other camps, they were just tortured or killed.

Identify where concentration camps were located.

These camps were found far away from the city. They would normally build them hidden in the woods. They were afraid that if someone found them doing bad things to the Jews, Germany would turn on them and Hitler and take back Germany. One camp, called Majdanek, was setup like a wartime prison and concentration camp. This camp was found in Poland and was set up by the Nazis.

Video description

This video shows pictures of people in concentration camps.




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By: Dylan G. and Jordyn R.