Michael Burgess: Republican

Ashley Burgess, Drew Smith, & Colin Echols

Texas District 26 Congressman


Lake Dallas, TX, 75065

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Texas District 26 Segments


Neighborhoods changed from country to semi-rural. Conservative, family-oriented young couples with many children. Family, faith, and country are the standards of living. Cell phones and mobile devises are always in hand.

Bright Young Professionals

Active, young, educated, working professionals. These people are concerned with the environment and let it impact their purchases. Always up to date on new technology and are always doing something on it. For fun they go to bars, rent movies, visit the zoo and play sports. There are more renters than homeowners.

Soccer Moms

The relative peace of our affluent, family-oriented neighborhoods in the outer suburbs. First and second mortgages and car loans are part of life, but we're well-insured and building investments such as funds, bonds, and stocks. A variety of mobile devices such as iPods and tablets keep us connected. We're involved in sports and outdoor activities such as jogging, biking, golf, boating, and trips to a theme park.


First Plank

“The Internet must be made safe for children. We call on service providers to exercise due care to ensure that the Internet cannot become a safe haven for predators while respecting First Amendment rights.”

Everyone in Texas District 26 are always up to date with technology and are always on their phones. This district is always very family oriented so creating a safe environment on the internet is a perfect scenario for this district.

Second Plank

“We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to education and support providing broad education choices to parents and children at the State and local level.”

64% of the households in District 26 are family households therefore there are a lot of kids. Everyone wants their kid to have as much education so their kids can become successful. All the families would be in support of this plank as it would give them more options on education for their child.

Third Plank

“The most effective forces in reducing crime and other social ills are strong families and caring communities supported by excellent law enforcement.”

With family oriented neighborhoods, safety is a prime concern in this District. They already have strong families and caring communities so with the enforcement of strong laws they are guaranteed safety all around. No one wants to live in an unsafe area and Burgess works to create the most safety possible.

Fourth Plank

"Legislation to restore the authority of States in environmental protection is essential. We encourage the use of agricultural best management practices among the States to reduce pollution."

Bright Young Professionals are very environmental friendly. By reducing pollution and encouraging recycling, many will vote for the congressman. Environment is a big deal and the district believes it has become a big problem. Burgess will work to solving the problem and create many solutions.